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Nova-Rae offers a wide range of services for the everyday woman.  Listed below are three of the most popular looks.

Barely There.


Nova-Rae provides this look for fresh face teens, young adults and women who don't care for alot of makeup.  Nova-Rae only applies the makeup wear needed with emphasis on lashes and a natural pout.


This look can be created with concealer paired with BB Creme, light foundation or tinted moisturizer only where needed.  


This look is timeless and classic and will always be trendy because it's a simple enhancement of the natural beauty every woman already possesses.

Sweet Beat. 


Nova-Rae provides a clean, fresh and simple makeup application for the minimalist makeup wearer.  Most women prefer this look especially as a day to day look.  it provides a youfthful warmth to the skin and very little contour and highlighting.  

This particular look can be created with light, medium or full coverage foundation.  If you are a woman who likes less coverage, this look can be modified by using a BB Creme or Tinted Moisturizer in place of creme foundation.


No matter the formula of the foundation or alternate face product, the end result of this look should always look effortless and flawless.  

Beat Face. 


Nova-Rae provides a dramatic, blended makeup application for the full face makeup wearer. This look is for the woman who wears a full face of makeup daily and likes the added drama of popping lips, eyes and added lashes.

This particular look is popular for photoshoots, events and special occassions and is created with full coverage foundation and medium to heavy contouring and highlighting.  This look can be layered many different ways with creme and powder products.

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